Are you a homeschool mom?
Are you overwhelmed?
Got some depression or anxiety going on?
I think I can help you with that!
I’ve gotten fairly good at
Finding Happy in the Chaos
Please let me introduce myself.


I’m a Thriver see what that is all about HERE!

I am:
A Catholic and a stubborn child of God.
A wife to my high-school sweetheart.
A mom to 6 great kids.
A daughter, who lives too far away.
A sister, who lives too far away.
A student.
A business owner.
An artist, not famous, but an artist none the less.
A writer, of my own story.
With a list like that, you can bet I can be very busy, or procrastinate, or both, and also overwhelmed at times.

Sound familiar?

After the birth of 2 of my babies I hit some postpartum depression pretty hard, and in all of my 49 years (ok 50 in a few months but I’m going to claim 49 for as long as I can) I have made some pretty crappy choices. At that time finding happy in the chaos didn’t seem to be impossible.

The last few years I have seen some incredible changes. I’m still seeking perfect, but I am in a really good place right now. With the encouragement of some family and friends I’m going to attempt to lay out the path I’ve taken because frankly, I’d have preferred to have walked that path earlier in my life.
Finding happy in the chaos seemed to be the only way I was going to find happy.
So there you have it, my introduction.

Finding Happy in the Chaos

 I’m not going to tell you where to start really, but I have a “categories” tab over there to the right somewhere. It’s up to you to take a look and decide where you need to start. And since this really is just a start for me, building a page where everything is together and organized I would suggest you even take a look at that section and the menus frequently. I will add things as fast as my fingers and my “roles” allow me to add them.

Feeling overwhelmed just at the thought of it? Here’s a great quote:

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”
― Mark Twain