The products on this page are from a project called Beading Branches.

There are two of us working on these beautiful pieces. Coleen Sharp and Maxine Oberle (with the occasional guest crafter). We have come together not only because we are friends who love bead work, but also because we both have special reasons to branch out into our communities with our beading.

Coleen will be setting aside a percentage of her profit to start a non-profit organization which will help mothers who have severe illness get help in keeping their household in order. It is often very difficult for a mother of young children to keep everything running smoothly when she is experiencing chronic pain and illness. Coleen has been called to do what she can to help these families.

Maxine’s heart has been pulled into helping where she can in the military. A percentage of her profit will go towards getting care packages sent out to our military personnel overseas, helping their families who are left to take care of things here at home, and making sure that they all know they are supported, loved, and appreciated.

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