Living Life On Purpose: Where Does My Time Go? Five Minute Friday — 3 Comments

  1. “Living by the “seat of your pants” so to speak
    might be good for some adventure…
    but it is not a good way to get things done.”

    Unfortunately, it’s how I live all too often! Thank you for this challenging to be more purposeful with my time. I linked up after you at FMF on Friday, but it’s taken me almost a whole week to get around to visiting. I am sorry! I hope I see you at FMF again this week!

  2. Maxine, how’d you get in my head? LOL, I use google calendar. In fact, I have multiple calendars for different things. I color-code them and all that. I love the reminder notification option too. I ignore some of it. Which is a delay tactic because I just don’t want to deal with something. I need to give that attitude to Yahweh, though. His purpose for me is to do Kingdom work, not ignore stuff. Great post, btw.

  3. It is good to be purposeful about how we spend our time and make sure the important things get done. Otherwise it’s far too easy for time to disappear without us having done anything productive.

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