Sister Adventures: The Oldest One — 5 Comments

  1. Wow! I should try this app. It’s always great to visit and read other people’s blogs. You enrich yourself by what others have to share, mostly different from what you already have or know. Thanks for this, Maxine! I love it.

    • Today’s prompts:
      “Start with He is dead”
      Next prompt:
      “add a scene with a cold house”

      I ignored the rest of the prompts today because I spent more than 4 minutes on each of the first prompts.
      Since I am doing this on the fly and in a blog format I’m trying to keep them interesting but short. 🙂
      I could have used the first prompt for something less sad, could have made it humorous… but this seemed to fit so well. 🙂
      Maybe when this story comes to an end I’ll take some prompts, write them down in a notebook and take several days to go WAY different directions with the prompts given.
      Inspiration from the comments… THANKS!

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