31 Days to Tell My Story Five Minutes at a Time

I’ve been slacking a bit on my blogging.

Probably because I’ve also been in a funk of sorts. Usually, I can use some little blogging trick to get out of it. Five Minute Friday prompts or using a story prompt to start a new short story… really short story, or I’ll take a look in my old files where I keep questions that have been asked of me about homeschooling, or chaos, or mom-ing. Those were not interesting to me, it’s just a different kind of funk lately.

So the FMF community has come to my rescue, I think. We’ll see if I can keep up. I get to take 31 days to tell my story, five minutes at a time. This will be my landing page.  Come back here each day of October and see what’s new. I will make each post “live” on the appropriate day.

Every person has been given a story at conception. This will be my attempt to tell my story.

Do you think I can do it? Who’s taking bets on how many times I stick to 5 minutes? Who’s taking bets on me going off on some tangent?

At any rate here’s the plan… check back and see how it works out.


{Day 1 >*< Story}

{Day 2 >*< Afraid}

{Day 3 >*< Believe}

{Day 4 >*< Why}

FMF Link-up {Day 5 Share

{Day 6 >*< Belong}

{Day 7 >*< Hope}

{Day 8 >*< Comfort}

{Day 9 >*< Inspire}

{Day 10 >*< How}

{Day 11 >*< Door}

FMF Link-up {Praise}

{Day 13 >*< Talk}

{Day 14 >*< Ask}

{Day 15 >*< When}

{Day 16 >*< Pray}

{Day 17 >*< Pause}

{Day 18 >*< Search}

FMF Link-up {Who}

{Day 20 >*< Audience}

{Day 21 >*< Start}

{Day 22 >*< Help}

{Day 23 >*< Common}

{Day 24 >*< Brief}

{Day 25 >*< Capture}

FMF Link-up {Moment}

{Day 27 >*< Whole}

{Day 28 >*< Song}

{Day 29 >*< Together}

{Day 30 >*< Voice}

{Day 31 >*< Close}

Join in with the FMF community 31 Day Challenge


About ~Me~ Hello, my name is Maxine. I am: Catholic and a stubborn child of God a wife (to my highschool sweetheart) a mom (to six wonderful kids that span 20 years in age) a daughter a sister a business owner an artist and a writer Like most women with a list like that, I'm also busy and sometimes overwhelmed. I'm on a journey to be happy despite the chaos, maybe even because of it.

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  1. So glad that you are here Maxine Marie! I understand about the “funk” and it is actually what inspires my documentation as well. I believe the process enables us to “see” and experience more gratitude and grace. Please stop by and visit when you get a chance (FMF #9) as I will be documenting how “Grace Shows Up”. It has certainly helped to lift me up out of my funk. Excited to follow along on this journey with you!

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I will be visiting your blog often, I love to see how others see grace, even in the hardest of circumstances.

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