When you can’t agree, agree to move on

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Social media has all but ruined the “let’s agree to disagree” attitude that should be held the standard.
Watching the SOTU address, it wasn’t the president’s words that caught my attention it was the ugly. I’m not talking about physical lack of beauty, but the ugly hateful hearts written across so many of the faces sitting there. Yes, the hate has tainted even their outward appearance, but you can tell it was coming mostly from the inside.
It got me thinking about some arguments I had not so many years ago about politics and a change that has come over my own heart in the years since.
I still have the same views, I still stand for the same causes, and I won’t change my mind on them… BUT I can see that the people on the other side probably won’t either, so I go about doing the work and the standing where I (one person) can make some sort of difference.
The difference between those people sitting with their hate-filled hearts and me is that they are being paid a good lot of money to work together with those they disagree with to come up with some sort of solution. What is the likely hood that will happen when the few that are the most filled with hate have such a hold on their peers that the peers can’t even show the tad bits they do agree upon with the opposite side without getting bullied into sitting down and shutting up?
I’m not fond of all this president has done. I do not agree with every little character flaw, but I can see that there is some good coming from his “haters gonna hate” attitude and I guess that is about the only attitude he can have considering their temper tantrum throwing tactics.
and Stop!

The strong shall become like tinder, and their work like a spark; they and their work shall burn together, with no one to quench them.  Isaiah 1:31


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  1. Great post, Maxine (and I LOVE your heading picture…so lively and appealing!).

    One thing of which I thought during SOTU was that the ugly faces are being paid to represent constituents…and that their disrespect becomes in a way attached to ‘we the people’ who sent them there.

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