When the Universe Knows You’re Stuck

I sent my husband out the door with the three younger kids. I then drove Maggie to her babysitting job. I came home and cleaned up some, fixed a necklace, and watched a couple of funny videos before starting dinner. About an hour and a half after I got home I laughed out loud and called out to the kids to show them a funny video. A bit of anxiety crept in when I could not remember where I might have told the girls they could go play. I had been home ALONE for an hour and a half and feel…


Motivation Monday More For Mom

Working a day late for Motivation Monday... but it's worth the wait! Moms are so unique, aren't they? There are no two just alike. I am not the same mom as my mom, she is not the same mom as hers. For all the moms, for all they do, for all they don't get done. We offer a Mother's day promo to get more for less, so you can get something unique and special for all the moms in your life. Go to the shop and take a look around. Use coupon code: MomsRock2017 at checkout.

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Living Life On Purpose: Where Does My Time Go? Five Minute Friday

When living on purpose it is helpful to know: "Where does my time go?" Simple enough right? But you'd be surprised how much you forget in a day, or how much time you ACTUALLY spend "checking messages" or just seeing what's going on on facebook. Someone told me I waste a lot of time. Someone who doesn't really know me well. But it got me thinking anyway. So, even though I really hate planners with the time down one side, I made my planner look like that. Starting at 5:30 am, when my alarm is set for, going in 1/2…

Help! When Customer Service Rocks!
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Help! When Customer Service Rocks!

When you really need help there is nothing worse than bad customer service. When you have had a crap day and just have an issue the same is true. Since tomorrow is Five Minute Friday AND The prompt is "Help" AND I just had the best customer service experience ever I'm doing Five Minute Friday on Thursday night. Web hosting was something I knew NOTHING about so when I was looking to get my own domain I remembered the catchy commercials and almost called on one of them, but I took some advice from some folks over on the 30…


Rest in its many forms – FMF

  It's that time again.... FMF. Write for five minutes, unedited. Want to join in? Click the FMF pic below.  Rest I'm on vacation. I am rested.... in a way. I have been sitting lazily around my son and DIL's house. It has been wonderful because while I sit lazily here I don't have my own house (and all that needs to be done there) staring me in the face. It is restful. On the other hand, I have stayed up late and had a kink in my back since I got here. The kink has gotten steadily better so…


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