When the Universe Knows You’re Stuck

I sent my husband out the door with the three younger kids. I then drove Maggie to her babysitting job. I came home and cleaned up some, fixed a necklace, and watched a couple of funny videos before starting dinner. About an hour and a half after I got home I laughed out loud and called out to the kids to show them a funny video. A bit of anxiety crept in when I could not remember where I might have told the girls they could go play. I had been home ALONE for an hour and a half and feel…


Dear Weary Momma…

  It is midday or end of the day or maybe 5 minutes into your day, and it's tough. Already. Again. And you wonder, should I really be doing this? Homeschooling is hard. Parenting is hard. Some days just getting out of bed is hard. Am I enough? Looking at those precious little beautiful eyes of your little ones looking back at you. Am I enough? You are enough momma. You are more than enough. I know this because God does NOT make mistakes and he put those precious little ones in your care. Tired, sick, frustrating, pitch yourself on…

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Feel like you need a do-over? Take comfort in God’s plan for you.

A do over, or a start again? I've been doing a lot of other things besides writing the last few weeks. WOW! it's hard getting back into the writing saddle again. But I got a do-over, of sorts. I got to help the husband get his website up and running. It's been amazing. But before that happened, I'd started to try and start again on this site. Trying to find focus. Or purpose. I was forcing it. So in the last few days, I've been trying to get back at this, and I was STUCK. Then I realized, all I…

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