What Happens When I Abandon My Tools – Five Minute Friday

Perfection. This week I got a lesson on abandon. I'll just put this right here. I am behind and catching up. I believe there is a reason for most things. Today I needed this. Today I needed to read this all. I got sucked into an odd mood. I allowed it, I have spent the day trying to get out of it. So much going on, so many things I'd like to accomplish. I realized that I had stopped planning it out. I need the plan. I will start again. In the meantime, I stopped to pray, remembered that I had…

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Gratitude: A Habit Worth Having

Last week I wrote this blog on gratitude. (click on the pic) And now, a tale of two women... MMB She's kinda sad, all the time. She has a good life. She knows this. She knows she should be nothing BUT grateful. But she's got a chemical thing going on in her brain. Baby Blues, some people call it. Overwhelmed too. It's not a good combination. She is messing up a lot of things in her good life. She wallows for a while, in her self-pity. She sits in the muck. Until one day she reached out. She asked for…

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The Many Facets of Joy Found, Sometimes in Unexpected Places

The many facets of Joy found, sometimes, in unexpected places. That's a mouthful. But it boils down to this: Prompted by the Five Minute Friday Community! This week I found joy in some unexpected places. Occasionally that will happen. More often than not, really. I've been following a couple of sassy and fantastic women in business. Brenda Ster from Sassy Suite has been teaching me some ins and outs of social media as well as tricks with graphics. I'm still learning, so don't judge her skills based entirely on my work, but getting my products up on the website has been…

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Five is the perfect prompt for FMF

On some days, most as a matter of fact, where a prompt is given it is sort of perfect. Today's prompt: Five, is the perfect prompt for FMF. To join in: click the icon. Five: The prompt Five - the number of times I wish my kids would limit their nagging questions. You know, instead of 5,000. 5,000 - the number of times I wish I could say no BEFORE blowing my top. You know, instead of Five. Five - the number of people in this house yesterday that believed they were in charge. You know, instead of the ONE…


Where is my path leading me? All the way to happy!

Today's FMF prompt is Path Join in by clicking on the fmf icon. Oh busy days. I am thankful for so many wonderful things. I am prayerful for so many seemingly impossible desires. I have really focused on some prayer work. In my last post I showed a small sample from the praying for my homeschool challenge and from praying the promises for my children. It has been one more step on the path to happy. The path I took in the last 10 days: Pictures of paper ... well, you can see... however, if you can overlook the photography... I…

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