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Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me.
Psalm 51:10 (RSVCE)

heartIsn’t this what we are working towards in our quest?
A new and right spirit?

It makes sense then to ask God to help us with this because we know that His goals and ours are the same in this request. It’s not like we are asking for a pot of gold, which may or may not be in His plans for us. God definitely wants us to have a clean heart and a new and right spirit.
There is nothing in His plan for any of us that we should have hate in our hearts or a spirit of unrest.

Regardless of your ideas on God, Christianity, religion
Remember that what we are doing is seeking a change.
Change does not come easy for most of us.
So be it that you ask God for His guidance,
or you ask the universe for the stars to line up,
or you say a daily affirmation…
remember to ask out loud
for the change you want in your heart and in your life.
Saying it out loud will make it more solid.
Instead of just thinking a thing, with the intermingling of 10,000 other thoughts,
say it out loud, so you are DOING and HEARING and THINKING
all at the same time.

I’m putting that verse on a card, I will study the verses around it, and pay attention the to story it is associated with and I will say it out loud.
My life is like everyone else’s, each new day brings a new challenge, a new stress.
I don’t handle stress well, but I am getting better at it.
And while this one thing isn’t going to be the end,
Asking for assistance will make me more conscious of the effort I need to put into
making the changes that are necessary.
And since I do believe in God and all He can do for me, I do have the added sense
of something bigger than myself helping to guide me in the right direction.
And that in and of itself gives me peace.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me.
Psalm 51:10 (RSVCE)

Have a good weekend.
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About ~Me~ Hello, my name is Maxine. I am: Catholic and a stubborn child of God a wife (to my highschool sweetheart) a mom (to six wonderful kids that span 20 years in age) a daughter a sister a business owner an artist and a writer Like most women with a list like that, I'm also busy and sometimes overwhelmed. I'm on a journey to be happy despite the chaos, maybe even because of it.

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