Getting it Together…


Through this challenge, the idea was to be telling my story. Well, some days I did well, some days I failed miserably. Next time I really need to get it more together.  Getting back to business though…

Together, my husband and I have 6 children. 
Together, we have raised 2 to adulthood and had them leave the nest. 
Together, we homeschool(ed) all of them. 
Together, we continue to raise and teach our other children. 

We have supported each other, disagreed with each other, celebrated together. It has been invaluable. 

What we also had was the tenacity to research all the things we were trying to do, seek advice, and work it out. 

Mistakes were made. SOOOOO many mistakes. 

Despite all the mistakes we have found that just doing all of this together as a family has had benefits that outweigh any of those mistakes. 

There is one key in there though… did you catch it?  We sought advice from those that came before us. 

Together… again

At one point I realized that instead of me always going to others (which I still do by the way) people started to come to ME! And I was a little stunned. When a good friend asked me to speak to some new to homeschooling families I told her I didn’t think that was a good idea. She said, “why you’ve been doing this longer than most of the families here, you got your son into West Point, you have experience and these families need to hear you and ask you questions.”   

That set a spark. 
Together we (homeschoolers) succeed.
Together we (moms) succeed. 
Together we (women) succeed. 
Together we (families) succeed.

I 100% believe that regardless of your trials, you can find someone to help you through it as long as you are all working together on the same goal. 

Here I am. I am not perfect. I may not have ALL the answers. What worked for me may not work for you. BUT I am here, pick my brain. And together we can accomplish much. 

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About ~Me~ Hello, my name is Maxine. I am: Catholic and a stubborn child of God a wife (to my highschool sweetheart) a mom (to six wonderful kids that span 20 years in age) a daughter a sister a business owner an artist and a writer Like most women with a list like that, I'm also busy and sometimes overwhelmed. I'm on a journey to be happy despite the chaos, maybe even because of it.

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