When You Get God Smacks Upside the Head… it’s Best to Listen

God Smacks upside the head, I’ve had my share

When you get God smacks upside the head, it’s best to listen.
Even when you are not entirely sure why you got the smack.
Because at the moment, life seems pretty good.
Still, you can feel the sting of a smack.
And you know you are loved.

Normal Thriving Day

This morning, like every morning I woke up,
took my capsules,
made my lifestyle mix,
slapped on my patch.
Sat down to my computer.

Be a refresher

I love Facebook memories.
I share stories of my kids,
funny videos,
Today I was looking through and came across this little gem.
A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.
Proverbs 11:25
and as I often do I went to Bible Gateway to look it up.
Different versions of the bible will give you more depth, sometimes.
In the RSVCE version the verse is:
A liberal man will be enriched, and one who waters shall himself be watered.
I like the first version better, but the verse… spoke to me.
Can I be the person who refreshes?
Can I do it without the purpose of BEING refreshed?
because I think that could take away from the idea of the verse.
Do I refresh others?
I pray that I do, but I know I could do better.
Many times I know I have done the opposite.

Before I typed in the verse, or maybe as I was typing it in,
I saw the verse of the day, in a flash.
And it caught my attention, but I had to go back to it.

“The meaning of faith:
Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:1”

How powerful is that?

Back to the God smack upside the head…

Somehow I must have hit a button that took me to another page.
It was the story of St. Monica.
She was amazing!
This is a comment on the page:
“Today, with Internet searches, e-mail shopping, text messages, tweets and instant credit, we have little patience for things that take time. Likewise, we want instant answers to our prayers. Monica is a model of patience. Her long years of prayer, coupled with a strong, well-disciplined character, finally led to the conversion of her hot-tempered husband, her cantankerous mother-in-law and her brilliant but wayward son, Augustine.”

I am so very lucky, I don’t have near the issues she did.
That comment has crossed my mind each time I hear about her struggles.
I am lucky to hear it often.
She is our priest’s favorite Saint.
Our adoration chapel was dedicated to her.
Outside 2_MG_5615 12_MG_5669
So today, I was reminded of:
something I wanted to work toward.
(being one who refreshes)
An important facet of that
(having faith)
and a clear example in St. Monica.

Funny how one thing leads to another

And also, I recalled a couple of friends who I know could use
the inspiration of St. Monica.
One is letting go because her son is moving to adulthood,
but it’s so hard to trust,
because there are medical issues at hand,
and he is sometimes stubborn.
I think it’s in the name (private joke sorry).

The other mom has worried,
for weeks
about a daughter lost.
She’s been found,
she is safe.

What they have in common
from what I have seen,
they pray for their children.
And I want them to know
from the bottom of my heart, I know
that God hears their prayers.
And that their faith will move mountains.
And their children will benefit from their prayers.
And to not give into doubt
or worry.

Because moms just worry

And as much as I say this for them,
I take it in for myself.
Because we are moms.
And we worry.
Regardless of our children’s situations.
We worry.
But today I will pray that I can use the inspiration of St. Monica.
And pray for my children,
and have faith,
unwavering faith,
that God hears my prayers,
and will keep them safe,
and work through them.

Prayer and Faith


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