HOW Do You ___________?

How do you _____________? 

So many “how” questions that are asked with basic assumptions attached. So here I’m gonna answer some of those questions I get asked most often. This post will be scattered. Fair warning now. 

How do you manage so many kids?

Let’s be fair… I’ve only ever had to manage 5 at a time because I had my youngest while my oldest was at West Point. Still, some say 5 is a lot. 

It’s not magic at my house. We have our issues. Kids misbehave, it’s what they do. BUT lets start off by saying in my opinion, if you stop at two just because that is overwhelming, you’ve made parenting harder. After two, it gets easier, not harder. Why? Because now you have more hands helping out. 

But, they’re kids??? 

Yes, yes they are, but you MUST teach kids basic life skills, like cleaning and caring for others anyway or you are going to end up with an adult that doesn’t know how to care for themselves. And believe me… kids LOVE to help out with the babies. I’m not saying you have your older kids raise  your younger kids, I’m saying that the basic premise of families working together makes it easier. 

And money… well I’d rather have my kids and a smaller, cluttered, sometimes crowded house than an empty larger house and lots of toys. And yes, sometimes I have to remind myself of this. I’m not perfect either. 

How do you have the patience to homeschool?

I don’t! Seriously, this question is one of my biggest pet peeves. I don’t have patience. NOT AT ALL! Ask my kids. They will tell you all about it. And my older two that are out of the house now will tell you double. I guess I have gained a smidgen. Maybe. 

What I do have is commitment. I committed to teaching my children, to raising them. 

I also have a husband who is committed to the same goals. Together, we have decided that everything we do wrong, is still better than the best they could get at school. 

I am the first to say that homeschooling might not be for every family. However, if your reason NOT to homeschool is patience, or money, or just not thinking you are qualified academically… you are short changing yourself and your children. 

That said, I’ve had my doubts, and I’ve been close to putting them in public school. Thank goodness I had my doubts at just the right times and my eyes opened to the fact that I was really just worn down and needed to reset a bit. 

Remember the Columbine school shooting? That morning I was having breakfast and was going to head to the school to get paperwork. That school is about 20 – 30 minutes away from our home. Needless to say, we didn’t leave the house that day. And I didn’t get paperwork. And my oldest two sons and the baby girl on my hip have all done just fine. The oldest went to West Point, the second in line got certified for Firefighting/EMT, and is considering becoming a police officer. The baby on my hip is finishing up highschool, with 3 more coming up after her. 

How do you do everything? 

I don’t. Come on now. We are all busy, you think that because I’ve made the choice to have a lot of kids and homeschool, that my life must be organized and together? Seriously we have, currently four kids ages 18 – 8, two adults and a husky in a 3 bedroom one-level house that is also the base of operations for a competitive shooting supplies business. 

There are usually dishes on the counter, or in the dishwasher (which I only just got replaced after years), laundry piled and needing done, socks on the floor, and a box or four out of place etc. 

The kids are all involved in Olympic style competition shooting. Practice and competitions have us all over the state regularly, and the husband takes them to other parts of the country once or twice a year for big competitions. 

I find time for beading, or writing and for helping others feel better than they have in years with my side job, promoting supplements that actually got me into a position where I could function in life, say nothing of trying to keep up. Seriously, if you find you lack energy and just can’t get through a day without feeling like you’ve been run over by a Mack truck take a look HERE and feel free to ask me any questions you might have. 

And more important than any of the rest. I have faith in God to get me through. And he has never failed me. Also a sense of humor helps. This is in a place I can see it daily. 

At any rate… something has to give right? So I don’t do it ALL. But I’m living a life I love. And I’m grateful for it. 

Well, my five is up… but I’d like to hear … what is your pet peeve “how” question and how do you answer it? 

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About ~Me~ Hello, my name is Maxine. I am: Catholic and a stubborn child of God a wife (to my highschool sweetheart) a mom (to six wonderful kids that span 20 years in age) a daughter a sister a business owner an artist and a writer Like most women with a list like that, I'm also busy and sometimes overwhelmed. I'm on a journey to be happy despite the chaos, maybe even because of it.

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