Names (and attributes) of God Advent Project Download


Names (and attributes) of God Advent Project Download




It started with a single sentence said somewhat as a sidenote in my Catholic Biblical Studies class. We were discussing Exodus, where God reveals his name to Moses. I AM. And the side thing was that to study the names of God is something everyone should do. I put a note in the side margin. Then when I got home I  looked it up.

32 names of God. 73 names of God. 108 names of God. What? Yup, there are so many names and attributes of God. I had no idea. And the more I searched, the more I found. Amazing!

Off I went, finding names (and attributes) with verses to show where those names were revealed, and did the math… this year for Advent if I took all 108  names I could divide them into 4 names per day 27 days PERFECT! Then I realized that some years we have 29 days of advent. I searched, and of course, I found 8 more names.

No matter what year it is we have an ornament with 4 names in it to study on each day of Advent then hang it.  Ahhhh. Done. Right? Of course not! As I searched for the names of God revealed I found something else there are many many verses that also command us to praise this name or that name or any name. And also verses that show us HOW to praise the name of God.

On each day we also have a verse to ponder on the importance for us to KNOW God. And if I have learned nothing in my first year, I have learned that names are very significant and to know someone’s name is to have a deeper relationship with them.

I WANT to know God. I WANT to know His names and attributes. I want my children to k now them. So this is what I came up with. The list is probably not complete (year 1 completed, 3 to go) However, it is a good start and sufficient for the project.

What started as a simple statement ended up with 118 Names of God in beautiful ornaments and a booklet to make it all easy as can be to grab and study each day. God is so good!

This will be a first for me, a product that is just downloaded, it made such a great addition to our advent last year that I am making it available to others. It is in my shop here:

Advent is just a few days away. YEIKS!  BTW, I got the plastic ornaments for this project at Michaels, on sale for about .49 each. Glass, does not do well in my crazy home and they look beautiful. win win. Don’t be intimidated by the lack of time,  you can do a few ornaments at a time and have the kids help. It really is worth the effort. I am glad that I did not wait “till next  year” when I realized I had only a few days to go last year.

If  you use this in any way, I would love to hear your thoughts on it, leave a review.


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