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Chicken Noodle Soup

My recipe to share:

1 whole chicken
kitchen sink (just kidding but add your own style to your soup to make it YOURS)
poultry seasoning
chicken stock

For noodles

4 cups flour
2 tsp salt
4 eggs
4 eggshell halves of cold water


Put a ring of tin foil in the bottom of your crockpot.
Add a whole chicken
Slather that bird with all kinds of spices (I listed my faves but to each his own really)
Add a touch of water to the bottom
Cook on high for one hour then on low for 6 or so hours – till it’s falling apart
Tip: the skin won’t be crispy… for soup that does not matter. 🙂
Start your noodles.
When the chicken is done cool a bit – if you have the patience/time.
Strip the chicken of its meat, throw that in a stock pot and save the skin and bones for later.

To the stock pot add chopped carrots, celery, onion, garlic, and butter. Cook till veggies are a tad done. Add water and chicken stock to fill stock pot a couple inches from the top. Add more seasonings to taste (poultry seasoning for sure).
Notice I don’t add a lot of salt. It’s not necessary as there is enough salt in the ingredients anyway and you can add to taste later.
Bring to boil.


Put the flour, salt, eggs and water in a bowl and mix. Add water as needed until you have a stiff and sticky dough.
Toss dough out on a floured counter.
Roll out to 1/8″, cut into strips and let sit to dry while you wait for the chicken to finish cooking. Or make them as the soup boils and don’t wait for them to dry. Either way.

When soup is boiling add noodles a bit at a time. so they don’t clump.
Simmer till noodles are done.
That’s a lot of noodles btw.

Ok so what does this have to do with my story?

That recipe came sort of from my grandmother. And it came sort of like that – I wrote it out scattered and without regard for grammar etc. on purpose. Not that grandma wrote it out like that mind you, but that is how I feel when I’m trying to duplicate one of her recipes. I imagine that is how my kids feel while trying to duplicate mine. We don’t use measurements per say. And last night I realized that even though I tried to put the recipes in pepperplate and share them with my kids, the lack of measurements can still be an issue.

What? Recipes might need measurements?

My second son and his wife were trying to make our white chicken chili and oops for that stock pot you should have doubled the recipe. We chatted on the phone for about 2 hours while they cooked and we came up with ways to sort of fix my mistake. LOL I think it turned out ok.

More on yesterday…

I, in the meantime, had already started my chicken that morning – then had a heck of a day and did not want to make my soup under any circumstances. Making noodles at the last minute is hard for me. I’m tired, I don’t want to deal with noodles and stripping a chicken and cutting veggies… but I did. And even though I waited too long to let the noodles sit and dry a bit, and even though I decided to also add a bit of spice to my soup (a handful of piquin peppers), and even though the recipe is in my head and may come out differently based on the spices I have, I made the soup.

Because memories…

And I thought of my grandma and grandpa. I always do when I make the soup. So many memories of spending time at the cabin in Albany Wyo.

My family loves my chicken noodles soup. My grandmas chicken noodle soup. And I love my family, so no matter how “hard” the day was (I mean I put that in quotes because compared to a lot of people I was just being a snowflake really) I made the soup for them.

Family, figuring it out, chaos, good memories, good food, putting to rest hard days. THAT, in a nutshell, is my story.

I’m sharing from the five minute friday 31-day free writes challenge here:

And to follow along on all 31 days of me trying to tell my story in 5-minute chunks – follow my landing page here.


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