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Playlist Shuffle – Bookish Edition

My DD is a reader. She is on book #30 for the year. These are not small books.  So she created a bookish version of the Playlist shuffle. I played along. 

Put your playlist on shuffle and hit play, answer the question and hit next…
No cheating… just some fun… for the record… I made a funny, but also sometimes nearly blasphemous mistake when I thought… well I’ve been reading the bible a lot lately…  

TBR – To Be Read
OTP – One True Pairing (your favorite character couple)

1. How do you feel when someone doesn’t like the book you suggested?
      Your Daddy’s Boots

2. Favorite characters best advice?

     I am

3. How do you respond when someone asks why you like to read?

     Shut Up and Fish

4. Describe the plot of your favorite book?

     Rain is a Good Thing   (but no lie, right, the exodus was mighty dry, and then there’s the flood….)

5. What do other people think of your favorite book?

     Good to be Alive   (so full of truth there too)

6. How do you feel when you meet someone who loves reading?

     Stone Cold     (ha ha couldn’t have been more wrong really… )

7. Describe how you feel about your next anticipated book?


8. What do feel when you think of your TBR pile?

     Smoke When I Drink           (I have no idea… but I did decide long ago that it’s more fun when you play by the rules, no skipping aloud.)

9. What song describes your OTP?

     No Excuses     (to be fair – I don’t have an OTP, but seriously this reminded me of Elizabeth and Zachariah)

10. How do you feel every time you see your favorite book in a store/ library?

     Sorry Not Sorry   (Yup)

11. The song that would be played at your favorite characters funeral?

     River Bank    (God being the main character, Jesus being a favorite yeah, the song title fits anyway… before the tomb… now we need to know what song was played when he came back out … AND  Walking Through That Door for the win)

12. How you respond when someone says you have too many books?

     Lose My Mind

13. How do you feel when your favorite character does something stupid?

     Fever            (cuz if Jesus is doing something stupid I must be delirious.

14. Describes your favorite character?

     Hello, my name is

15. How you react when the book ends?

     Charlie Brown    (well he is despondent a good portion of the time) 

16. How do you feel when someone mentions your OTP?

     Wildest Dreams     (to be spoken directly to by God, like face to face as Abraham was… yeah this fits.)

17. What are your characters first words?

     Still into you    (no matter what I do, no matter how much I screw up, I am loved)

18. What is your favorite book character afraid of?

     Hey brother    (as in, ok brother now you’ve gone too far with your questions… LOL)

19. What is your OTP’s wedding song?

     You can’t make old friends     (Because you definitely gotta grow old together, till death do you part people…)

20. What’s the main characters theme song of your favorite book?

     Kiss This  (Ok, while harsh and a bit over the top… it had to be something similar yet less crass when the flood waters came…)

21. How do the other characters describe the main character?

     Firecracker    (That God, he’s a real firecracker that one… LOL)

22. What does your favorite character do in their free time?

     Hey pretty girl    (so many of these are useful if you take the context of the song out of it!   Like this one… Jesus did speak to a lot of women who had important roles in biblical history, and he thinks all of us are beautiful.)

23. Where does your favorite character live?

     Young Forever   (YES! and old as time)

24. What is your favorite characters favorite thing to yell in anger?

        Heathens    (I can see it now “You heathens need to get your tax collecting butts outta my house!”)

25. How do you feel when walking into a bookstore?

       This one’s for the girls   (My boys really never took to reading like my girls do so this fits)

26. What do you think when someone says they don’t like to read?

     Impossible Dreams

27. How do you feel after staying up all night to read?

     Something About December  (Yeah, cuz if I stayed up all night I would make no sense at all in the morning… momma needs her sleep)

28. What do you say when someone says a book character isn’t real?

     Brown Chicken Brown Cow

29. How do you feel every time you buy a new book?

     Strip it Down  (Get those dust jackets off and put them away or they will be torn to shreds… what were you thinking?)

30. How do react when the author throws in a huge plot twist?

You Ain’t Right      (SO TRUE!)

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