Proud Momma Braggin’ Because I Can

Yes, no matter how old they are... momma's always have braggin' rights. Tonight, this happened... Joe finished his probie year, and was pinned with his badge. 1-year volunteer service under his belt. Many many hours of shifting at one station or another. Working hard to make sure he can do the job. Learning so much. Doing so much. Seeing so much more than a momma wishes for her kids to see. And I am proud. So I brag. Especially when each new step comes along. But because I am proud, I want to also be humble. These are two prayers…


Vacation Lessons

Vacation Lessons We are on the last leg of our vacation. Our vacations are always unusual in that we rarely just take a family vacation all together. This one was no different. It all started June 19th. Joe was on vacation from classes for the first week. He stayed home because classes were starting again. Not much of a vacation admittedly, but he manages to have some planned downtime. Joe learned that he needs to get back to being a little on the paranoid side of careful when it comes to his nut allergies. One ER visit late. He also…


Protect, Protection From, Protection Of: FMF

Yesterday was Five Minute Friday: Protect I did other things, but seriously how could I let this prompt go? You see "protect" has so many facets. I feel protected as a wife. Together we protect our children. We have raised children who protect us, each other, and in the case of two so far: others. We are for the 2nd amendment and the protection that provides. We are thankful for all those who fight to protect our country. When all is said and done we know that we are all under the protection of God. Day 2 of the challenge:


What was once lost, now is found… FMF

It's that time again.... Five Minute Friday! Wanna Join In? Click Below! Today's Prompt: Lose Perfect, because I'm 'bout to lose my mind. Just Kidding. Really, I am getting my husband and kids ready for a competition. Packing, list making, cleaning, anxiety-ing! Things yelled across the house in the process: "MOM, where did my mp3 player go?" "MOM, have you seen my hat, the blue one?" "MOM, where'd my socks go?" "MOM, do we have anymore duffel bags?" "MOM, how am I going to get cash?" "MOM, can you help me find the songs you just put on my mp3…

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Finding a haven in the chaos

This post brought to you from Five Minute Friday Join in Knowing when we need to find our haven is key to making sure the chaos does not consume us. Finding a haven in the storm can be especially tricky when you can't just walk away. According to the Cambridge dictionary, a haven is a safe and peaceful place. How does one find a safe and peaceful place in the midst of chaos? You read that right 7 people and a dog in a van 3000 miles. We could not just walk away from the chaos, but we did take…


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