When the Universe Knows You’re Stuck

I sent my husband out the door with the three younger kids. I then drove Maggie to her babysitting job. I came home and cleaned up some, fixed a necklace, and watched a couple of funny videos before starting dinner. About an hour and a half after I got home I laughed out loud and called out to the kids to show them a funny video. A bit of anxiety crept in when I could not remember where I might have told the girls they could go play. I had been home ALONE for an hour and a half and feel…


Stuck … in the process of finding happy

Stuck. Yesterday I was stuck in my blogging. A week ago I was stuck in my meal planning. 2 years ago I was stuck in pain and sleeping. Sometimes we just get stuck in the fog. So how do we get un-stuck? Yesterday, when I was stuck with my blog it wasn't because I don't have anything to say because I'm kind of a chatterbox, AND I am kind of on a roll with where we are going with this. But it was because I'm doing this blogging challenge at the same time with Sarah at Sark eMedia. I signed up (twice now),…


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