Vacation Lessons

Vacation Lessons


We are on the last leg of our vacation. Our vacations are always unusual in that we rarely just take a family vacation all together. This one was no different. It all started June 19th.

Joe was on vacation from classes for the first week. He stayed home because classes were starting again. Not much of a vacation admittedly, but he manages to have some planned downtime.
Joe learned that he needs to get back to being a little on the paranoid side of careful when it comes to his nut allergies. One ER visit late.
Joe ERHe also learned that black widow bites are something to avoid. He learned that sometimes symptoms from two ailments really wear you down.
July 3 pmBlack widow bites might be a bit less aggravating if you did not also have strep throat. And that being on your own isn’t always as easy as one might think. He did well, though, considering murphy’s law hit him hard.

Robert, Maggie, and Jake dropped me, Jesse and Emma off in Oklahoma at my oldest son and his wife’s house on their way to Georgia for a national rifle competition. They learned that small bugs can make some loud scary noises in the dark, fans must stay on at all times, Georgia has some really big fish and the kids learned how to float and do the back stroke.
Jake learned he needs to slow down and breathe while shooting.
Jake shootingMaggie learned she needs to stop thinking so much while shooting.
Maggie shootingRobert says Georgia is hot, really hot.
Robert shooting

My oldest, Bobby, remembered what it was like to have total chaos when all of us invaded his quite home. Kayla, his wife, went on a trip, not sure she learned much from our vacation. But maybe during the vacation, she learned locks can be a useful tool. (ha ha sorry Kayla, couldn’t resist. We love you for having us and getting things ready for us. I enjoyed the visit we had with you.)
Kids set up

Jesse and Emma learned that Oklahoma is really hot too. Jesse found a puzzle can be fun. 1000 pieces is too many, 500 is more like it. Emma blew a gazillion bubbles. They played at a park for 30 min spurts because “HOT”…
Emma bubbles20160705_190227

I learned that I am at that point in my life where I will be missing one kid or another because we are not in the same town. This made it all the more real that eventually, I will be missing them all. I learned that wild hog is really good eatin’ (my husband and son got one while we were here). I learned that although I HATE to admit it I can use the grill and smoker pretty darn well and that it is one of those skills I want to tuck away to use in absolute survival mode only.
Hunting hogSmoked wild hogWild hog for dinner smoked with spaghetti squash


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  1. Love the learnings and if it’s any Consolation, you never miss your kids, it’s just the relationship that changes, my two are all grown up and they’re two of my best friends

  2. Love the last paragraph, raw and honest

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