A whole 31 days… of my story. 
That’s what this was supposed to be and now… on day 27. Stuck. 

Who is it that has been promised to make us whole?
How must we gain that grace?
Old laws commanded by God,
Lived fully in faith, through Christ, his son will give us
Everlasting life.

When I’m stuck I go to scripture. Between this 31 days, my biblical studies, and the 100 bible promises journal I’ve been part of… I got unstuck. Well sort of. I gained a lot of knowledge. I share the tidbits. 


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About ~Me~ Hello, my name is Maxine. I am: Catholic and a stubborn child of God a wife (to my highschool sweetheart) a mom (to six wonderful kids that span 20 years in age) a daughter a sister a business owner an artist and a writer Like most women with a list like that, I'm also busy and sometimes overwhelmed. I'm on a journey to be happy despite the chaos, maybe even because of it.

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